The 8 Best Places to Hook Up With Your Summer Fling

They say idle hands are the devil’s playthings. And whoever “they” is, got it right. Having too much time on your hands inevitably leads to trouble. That’s why the summer is so tricky. You have all this free time and very little to do with it. You’re bound to fill that time with something. And if you are a red blooded twenty-something, you will probably fill all that extra space with a summer fling.

In order to get the most out of your summer rendezvous you are going to need a willing participant (clearly) and guaranteed safe places to hang out. And by “safe places”, I mean venues that are fun and also remote enough so that if you happen to be scrapping the bottom of the barrel with this person, no one will catch you. Here are some guaranteed safe places to hook up with your summer trouble aka your fling.

[Lead image via maradonna 8888/Shutterstock]

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