Summer Workout Breakdown: New Workouts to Try and How to Stay Safe

As the official start of summer draws closer, so many of us experience that nagging need to “get in shape” – it’s been long enough since finals for our lack of physical activity to again be considered unacceptable, yet still early enough in the season for us to shamelessly require a little extra motivation.

Once we finally reestablish some kind of routine, whether it consists of heading to work/internships/summer classes at the crack of dawn; or waking up at 12, heading to the beach, and going out at 11pm, we can also get back in the swing of things as far as our workouts are concerned. And with the warmer weather and gorgeous sunshine (for those lucky enough to have it), taking some time to plan each workout is definitely a good idea!

With this in mind, check out these awesome workouts to try this summer! Most of them will not only burn calories, but will also target specific muscles for a complete head-to-toe workout session!

Special Considerations for Summertime Workouts: It’s important to realize that working out in warmer weather comes with a few additional considerations!

1. Stay Hydrated – In warmer weather, our body loses water fast, and simply drinking during and after a workout is not enough! Drink at least 12 ounces for hours before you workout, so your body is hydrated and prepared for activity; for more information, check out these tips from Women’s Health Magazine!

2. Beware of The Sun – Never underestimate the power of the sun, especially when working out! Even in the early mornings and late evenings, the sun is still powerful, and on days with some extra cloud coverage, you’re only getting relief from 20% of the sun’s rays, so make sure to apply sunscreen anytime you take your workout outdoors! New suggestions from the FDA (which are not yet in effect), explain that only an SPF of 15 or above can help protect against sunburn, and these sunscreens should also be “broad spectrum,” meaning they protect against both UVA and UVB. It’s also important to make sure you apply sunscreen at the right time! For more details on sun safety, check out blogger Lisa Johnson’s awesome advice!

3. Beat the Heat – Of course the object of most exercise routines is to challenge you, but a little more care should be taken when working out during the summer heat! Heat exhaustion can happen, which is why planning your outdoor workout around the weather for that day is key! Check out the temperature and humidity before heading outside, and remember to use the hydration tips to help you stay safe! On days when it’s extremely hot, consider staying inside, or waiting until the temperature drops.

4. Take Time to Adjust – Keep in mind that humidity and temperature are a whole new factor to add in to any workout, and just like adding on an extra mile to your run, your body needs to adapt to weather changes as well, so be patient as you adjust to working out in the heat!

Take advantage of the beautiful weather and head out on a hike, surf some waves at the shore, or beat the heat and stay inside with a kickboxing class. Switch up your workout and try a mix of the outdoor and indoor options for a complete routine that’s perfect for your summer!

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