The Ultimate Time Wasters to Help You Pull Through to the Weekend

So it’s Friday and I’ve completely stopped caring about work. Since my job is running this site for you guys, I’m pretty sure you don’t want me to be all like “DEUCES!” and start my weekend early. I’m also pretty sure that, whether you’ve got a summer gig as a receptionist, a big fancy internship or are earning some extra credits by taking classes, you’re dying to jump start your weekend as well. It’s just one of those days.

While I can’t give you permission to duck out early, I can encourage you to close out of that spreadsheet, ask someone else to get the boss’ coffee and tune out your professor. Just tell your brain it’s quittin’ time.

As someone with a lot of procrastination experience, I’ve come across some awesome games and sites that are guaranteed to suck your life away in the best possible sense. You’ll look up at the clock and suddenly it’ll be 5:30. I promise. Here are some of my favorite time wasters…

1. Berzerk Ball 2: So our brother side,, used to have this column called “Flash Game Friday”. The column has since died and is no longer a thing — moment of silence — but it was great. Each Friday I’d just head to their site around 2:30 and endlessly play whatever game was up. My absolute favorite of all the games was Berzerk Ball 2. I never played Berzerk Ball 1, so I have nothing to compare the sequel to (full disclosure). But trust me when I say that this is the most addictive game. The best part is that it requires absolutely no skill. Play it here. PS: Tell me when you get to the Icy Catastrophe.

2. Ice Toss: I get the comforting feeling that the folks over at Coke are also struggling to make it through to the weekend. They’ve got an entire site dedicated Ahh Effects, those moments that just make you exhale, relax and enjoy the best parts of life. On the site are a bunch of great time waster games, and Ice Toss has happily taken up the past 20 minutes of my life. The object of the game is to slingshot pieces of ice into a moving cup of Coke in order to keep it nice and chilled. Warning: It’s a lot harder than it sounds and you won’t stop until you land at least one piece of ice. Play it here.

3. Pin the Tail: Another one from Coke, you pin the tail on a can of Coke. The trick here is that as soon as you grab the tail to pin on the Coke, the screen goes black and you have to guess where the can is. This is very similar to real Pin the Tail on the Donkey, so I give the game bonus points for authenticity. Play it here. I’ve only won once, as pictured above.

4. Creepy Wiki: You need to know that I found this page yesterday and then Emerald and I spent our last hour of work trying to creep each other out by finding the best story on the list. If you like conspiracy theories, weird science, unsolved mysteries and all that jazz, then here are 136 Wikipedia articles that will have you scratching your head. Be sure to check out our faves: Sailing stones (#10), alien hand syndrome (#21) and the Montauk Project (#89). Read them all here.

Happy time wasting! Leave your favorite time wasting sites in the comments!

[Lead image via George Dolgikh/Shutterstock]

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