Which Teen Mom Star is Charlie Sheen Texting? [Candy Dish]

It appears that the king of hot messes, Mr. Charlie Sheen, has started a little back and forth with one of the main moms from MTV’s hit show, Teen Mom. They have allegedly been texting back and forth to one another, and then of course, the fame-hungry mom of one leaked the texts to the media—sending Charlie in a fit of rage.

He sweetly refers to her “tranny boobs” that he wants nothing to do with. Oh, he also tells her that he’s not a fan of her “five o’clock shadow.” Which Teen Mom star are we talking about? Which Teen Mom could this possibly be?! Which Teen Mom is constantly being desperate for attention?

If you guys are still guessing, head on over to Celebuzz and see for yourself!

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[Lead Image via Ryan Seacrest]

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