Your Survival Guide to Dating in the Digital Age

In today’s dating world, it’s hard not to have social media be a factor. Facebook, Twitter, and the like all have become huge parts of the dating process. We friend, we retweet, we “poke”–all in hopes that maybe we’ll get the attention of that guy in our class or the barista at Starbucks. We stalk potential suitors exes and friends to see what we’re dealing with. It’s so easy to find out so much about someone before a date! It’s really quite ridiculous. I mean, don’t 1/4 relationships start because of online dating anyway these days? That’s incredible!

Since things can get messy and complicated and confusing and the Internet can be a scary place to start a relationship,  experts have come to the rescue to help us out. Since technology and dating have become almost synonymous, many people have taken it upon themselves to lend a little advice when it comes to dating in the digital age.

Head on over to YourTango for tips, tricks, and advice on how to date in the digital age without losing your mind! Good luck!

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