Government Is Cracking Down On Your Adderall Fueled Study Seshes

NY Senator Schumer wants to crack down on college students’ use of adderall and Ritalin. Schumer said, “That’s sort of academic doping. There are better ways to pull an all-nighter and stay up. There’s coffee, there’s things like NoDoz.” Coffee and NoDoz aren’t exactly healthy ways of staying up.

Schumer wants colleges to take adderall use seriously by creating more thorough restrictions on who gets it. But like, so what? The real issue is kids who don’t have it prescribed buying it from their friends. I’ve never done adderall but lots of my friends have taken it as a studying supplement. Have you?

According to CBS, “Schumer pointed to a number of studies that estimate between 15 percent and 35 percent of college students nationwide take these drugs illicitly as a study tool. He said the amphetamine-based drugs have a number of side effects, including depression, anxiety and even psychosis.”

Schumer proposed these new guidelines, “Require formal contracts and follow-up diagnostics for that student; and require detailed medical, educational, and psychological history. For students diagnosed outside of campus health clinic, and seeking to refill prescription: Require mental health evaluations with qualified health practitioner to verify diagnoses; and require parent, guardian verification of diagnoses”

That only seems to help part of the problem. Students selling adderall to each other isn’t any different than students selling other drugs to each other, which is supposedly the real problem. What do you think, yes adderall? No adderall?
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In More Interesting News

Comedia Patton Oswalt has changed his stance on telling ‘rape jokes’.

“Just because I find rape disgusting, and have never had that impulse, doesn’t mean I can make a leap into the minds of women and dismiss how they feel day to day, moment to moment, in ways both blatant and subtle, from other men, and the way the media represents the world they live in, and from what they hear in songs, see in movies, and witness on stage in a comedy club.”

It’s always great when people are open to changing their minds.

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Cosmic Candy: June 17 – 23
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