5 Ways To Know You’re Just the Friend With Benefits

So you found yourself a guy to satisfy your needs. Your sexual needs that is. You two get along and have amazing sex. You text, he comes over. And vice versa. Sounds great right? Right! It is great if that’s what you’re looking for. But if you two never set some ground rules (or even if you did!), your mind might wander a bit. Does he think I’m his girlfriend? Is he my boyfriend? Or are we just friends with benefits? Here are 5 easy ways to know you’re just a friend with benefits:

1. You only sext.

“My place or yours?” / “Wanna bang?” etc. is the only stuff he texts you about.  No “I miss you” stuff.

2. You only meet up for sex.

He comes over (or vice versa), you two get it on, you part ways. No coffee dates, lunch dates, dinner dates, ice cream dates,  or even shopping dates. Strictly sex.

3. He (or you) doesn’t sleepover.

As mentioned above, you two get it on and part ways. You can say thanks and goodbye (no need to be rude here!) but not having sleepovers is a big sign you’re just a FWB.

4. You don’t want to date each other.

He has no intentions of dating you, and you don’t either. You find him attractive, but you’re not attracted to him in a I-want-you-to-be-my-future-husband sort of way. Let me reiterate: STRICTLY SEX!

5. You only see each other once in a while.

He doesn’t text you every weekend, you only text him when you’re out of batteries for your vibrator, etc. Meeting up a lot (even if your libido is sky high and it’s just sex), will lead to a routine…and a routine will lead to commitment, etc.

If you nodded in agreement to 3 or more of these, then you just might be…

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