Girl Meets World Is Officially Happening, Yay!

So Girl Meets World (the Boy Meets World spin-off) has been officially picked up by Disney. The show won’t air until 2014 though. Celebuzz describes the plot, “Riley and Maya are seventh graders who are horrified to learn that Cory Matthews is their new history teacher. But don’t worry kids! Cory Matthews knows all about middle school hijinks! Even worse, the popular after-school hangout spot is owned by none other than Topanga Matthews, Riley’s mom. In a press release, Disney mentions that said hangout specializes in pudding but it doesn’t mention what happened to Topanga’s law school dreams.”

It’s weird to drop Topanga’s law school dreams but owning your own business is pretty HBIC, if you ask me. Cory being a history teacher is totally ironic but absolutely makes sense. I can’t wait to see which other cast members will drop in. Mr. Feeney will be in at least one episode.

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