Lulah Body Lotions Are Your New Favorite Scents of Summer

We here at CollegeCandy are HUGE beauty product junkies. We’ll try just about anything once (except for vajazzling), and love getting our hands on some fresh samples. Recently we had the opportunity to try out a new line of smell-goods from one of our all-time favorite brands, Thymes. They’ve got a new fragrance family called Lulah which features body lotion, hand cream, body mist and shower gel; and all Lulah items are available in five luxurious scents — Peony, Magnolia Fig, Vanilla Orchid, Citron and Tamarind Ginger.

We had a ball spritzing, spraying, sudsing and slathering the collection on ourselves until we were practically fragrance drunk! While there’s definitely a scent and product for everyone here, our favorite was the Magnolia Fig body lotion. Because O.M.G. Have you ever used a body lotion that literally made you feel a million dollars richer and 50 carats fancier? No? Well, hun, you’re missing out.

All of the body lotions, obviously not just the Magnolia Fig, are non-greasy and relatively quick absorbing. This is a bonus if you’re like me and can’t stand to leave a shiny lotion residue behind wherever you go post-application. There’s nothing worse than putting lotion on your legs, then leaning against a glass surface only to walk away and see an outline of where you just were. Embarrassing and gross. But like I said, that’s not a problem with the Lulah body lotions.

The second amazing thing about them is that the fragrance lingers for a healthy amount of time. Some cheap lotions smell great in the bottle, but seem to lose all scent 15 minutes after application. Everyone at CollegeCandy agreed that we could smell our respective lotions well into the afternoon (we applied during our morning makeup routines). If used in conjunction with the body mist, there’s no question that you’ll be smelling good for a full 12 hours with minimal reapplications.

With all items in the Lulah line ranging in cost from $9-$13, they land safely within a college budget. The fancy packaging will make your bathroom look like you shelled out way more than you really did. Click here for shopping details!

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