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Let’s Get Down to Business [Ready U Conquer This List]


It’s summertime, and I don’t have a full-time job! I freelance and make money when I occasionally babysit, but it just doesn’t cut it. I’m trying to be savvy and sensible with my spending, but life is expensive, guys. And while not having a steady income could spell “disaster” and “homeless” to other people, it doesn’t for me! I decided to start my own business with one of my good friends instead, but I guess I should preface how all of this started.

My friend and I were hanging out one day and began discussing and sharing some great DIY projects and crafts that are super easy and fun to do that we had both tried. We’re always looking for new and fun projects to test out. This is something we constantly bond over.

As we chatted, we both discovered that we love certain types of crafts that we excel in. She’s a great seamstress, and I dabble in wall art. We both were making these awesome projects for our friends and family–for birthdays or special events. And that’s when my friend brought up a brilliant idea–we should open an Etsy store!

At first, I thought she was crazy. How would we ever be able to do this and pull it off? When we discussed it further, laid out some details, and started out with a plan of attack, I started to get excited. We could do this! We could start a business. We both needed some extra cash, and what better way to get that cash than by doing something we love? She would make scarves, dresses, and even purses–and I would handle the wall art and photo boards. We were onto something!

Starting a small business wasn’t even about making money for me. It was about having confidence and independence and a sense of purpose, and as #40 on ReadyU’s Conquer This List suggested, it’s time to start being my own business. All school year, I’ve been checking items off ReadyU’s bucket list, and even though ReadyU is closing its Facebook page at the end of the month, you can stay in-the-know on everything you need to make it through the summer and next year on campus by LIKING P&G brand Facebook pages – like Gillette, my boyfriend’s favorite razor, and Tide, my favorite laundry detergent.

This list, that I have been working on all school year, has led me to become a better person. Whether you’re starting a small lemonade stand or opening up your own restaurant, there is something special about being a business woman or man. There is a special sense of importance. When I make my product, I just feel good. I feel good when someone purchases it. I feel good because it means that my work is worthy. A successful business is something to be proud of.

Do you have a special skill? Do you have a million dollar idea? Put it to good use! Make up some brainstorming boards! Involve your friends! Don’t be afraid to dream and take chances! You may be pleasantly surprised with the rewards.

LIKE Gillette and Tide for everything you need to make it through the summer and get ready for next semester!

    Katie is a Web Content Publisher for Launch Digital Marketing. She graduated with a degree in English from North Central College in Naperville, Illinois. She enjoys traveling, reality TV, and coffee--lots of coffee.