“Crazy Girls Are Better In Bed”: The Sane Girl’s Guide To Being Sexual Dynamite

I really hate the way “crazy” is thrown around to explain or dismiss someone’s actions. It’s so lazy and played out. People use “crazy” to describe behavior that is clingy, obnoxious, self-destructive, or merely anything that conflicts with what they consider to be acceptable behavior. But there is this pervasive idea among some men that having sex with “crazy” women is amazing. So when guys talk about how the best sex is with crazy girls, they don’t mean the legitimately certifiable women who spend their spare time hanging out in padded cells, curled up in the fetal position, and pulling out their hair. There are certain traits found in these so-called crazy girls that are actually completely rational and should be embraced by everyone.

1. Be enthusiastic.
This is so cliche, but it’s super effective. This taps into everyone’s inner narcissist, the part that gets really excited when someone seems to find us as entrancing as we find ourselves. If you initiate hook ups sometimes, are okay with doing oral, and are generally engaged and enjoying yourself, you’re already on the road to being an above average partner.

2. Be uninhibited.
This doesn’t mean you have to be down for absolutely everything, but it does mean that you don’t let your neuroses or insecurities stop you from having a good time. It means that you don’t freak out about having sex with the lights on or sober, that you don’t let worries about your not perfectly toned abs or butt prohibit you from certain positions, and that you aren’t constantly seeking validation that you look/feel sexy, becaues you already know you are sexy.

3. Be straightforward.
If you want to be spanked, say so. If you want to role play, do it. If you want to stick ice cubes up various orifices, don’t be afraid to suggest it. Boring sex lives are a result of a lack of communication and an unwillingness to express one’s desires and fantasies.

4. Embrace exhibitionism.
You don’t have to go all Alanis Morissette and go down on him in a theater (been there, down that, iand it’s kind of uncomfortable). But if you’re walking down the street with your boo and no one’s paying attention, don’t be afraid to do some flirtatious touching. Or if you’re a party, sneak off to a secluded area and

5. Be fearless. 
All of the above traits are basically about openly expressing yourself, and people who are good at that tend to give less than zero fucks about how they’re perceived. It’s not the end of the world if someone doesn’t like what you like, or thinks you’re weird, or writes you off as crazy just because they don’t understand where you’re coming from. You don’t have to let fear of rejection or dismissal keep you from living the live that you want.

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