Kate Upton’s Got Her Boobs Out On Some Horse (NSFW Video, Unless You Work Here)

Did I succeed in giving this post the most absurd-yet-accurate title ever? Because that was my goal.

It looks like we can add an 18th item to our list of reasons Kate Upton is better than you, because the model and animal lover has perfected the now-you-see-it/now-you-don’t handbra maneuver. During a photo shoot for Complex, someone had a camera recording Kate as she tried to sit on a horse and keep covered up. Let’s just say it didn’t work and it’s like tits galore up in there.

TMZ’s got the video footage for your viewing pleasure, plus an adorable clip of two guys watching the video/seeing some naked boobs for the first time.

PLUS: 6 sexy GIFs of Kate on her horse BFF. One’s in slow-mo. That’s what you get for putting a dude in charge of making these things.

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