This Pitchfork Music Festival Playlist is So Hipster Your Ears Will Fall Off

After conquering the mud of Governors Ball, we here at CC decided we can weather just about any music festival — so we’re headed to Pitchfork Music Festival July 19th-21st! The 3-day event is held each year in Chicago’s Union Park and has some awesome headliners for 2013 (R. Kelly will be there, ’nuff said). If you’re familiar with the Pitchfork site, however, you know that they’re all about being super hipster and knowing about all sorts of bands you’ve never heard of before. Their festival is no different; are acts that leave you asking, “Is that even a real band name?”

To help you feel like a member of the in-crowd, I’ve compiled a comprehensive playlist of most of the performers. Whether you’ll be attending Pitchfork 2013 or reading about it the Monday after it’s all over, let’s all take a break to listen to some good music and wonder why a band would ever call themselves Pissed Jeans.

[spotify id=”spotify:user:1217203210:playlist:4iN5tBhfEswgZDoTmL1WUe” width=”500″ height=”480″ /]

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