8 Reasons Why I Want to Go Back to Sleepaway Camp

When I was younger, I was never one of those kids who got to go to sleepaway camp. It was too expensive and I’m sure I wouldn’t have wanted to go anyway. But now that I’m an adult — sigh — and no longer get three months of summer vacation, I find myself wishing I could go to camp. Sounds crazy, right? But just think about it…

1. You wouldn’t have to work. DUH.

2. You wouldn’t have to cook all the time. The food may not be as great as you could make it but after a long day, I’m not always up to making a meal.

3. You’d get fit. All you do at camp is play outside, so you’d lose weight without even trying.

4. You have the opportunity to lie out by the pool EVERY DAY.

5. Sleepaway camp hook-ups would be that much more interesting as an adult.

6. You’d have time for leisure activities like reading, because who has time for that anymore?

7. You’d probably learn a new skill or two. Every I knew who went to camp always learned something. It’s not always useful but knowledge is knowledge.

8. You wouldn’t have to plan out your day. Sometimes it’s nice not to be in control.

Now, doesn’t camp sound good?

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