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The Follow-Up Post You’ve Been Waiting For: 6 GIFs of Kate Upton Topless on That Horse


So yesterday TMZ released a video of Kate Upton bouncing her boobs on what some men might consider the luckiest horse in the animal kingdom. Quite frankly, the horse looks a little bored to me, but that’s besides the point. It’s a video of Kate Upton topless. Clearly that horse knows nothing, Jon Snow.

Since the Internet is imploding on itself over the 71 second clip, we decided to put that biz on loop for you. No more hitting replay and re-watching those boring parts where she has clothes on. Nope. Here are 6 GIFs that will let you zone out and go into a boob trance until someone walks up behind your laptop screen at Starbucks.

(And because our buds over at Coed perfected the art of a Kate Upton GIF post long before us, we’d be remiss not to give them a nod.)