Vigilante Women And Men Patrol Streets To Stop Rape And Gay Bashing

The Village Voice has discovered a New York City “vigilante” group called the New York Initiative who patrol the streets to prevent rape and gay bashing. (Sidenote: It reminds me of the Pink Posse in Queer As Folk. Does anyone remember that?)

“Ever since 32-year-old Mark Carson was shot in the face after leaving a gay bar on May 18, the citizen crime-prevention squad New York Initiative (NYI) has been patrolling the West Village.” There has been a spike in gay bashing many of the gay neighborhoodsn around Christopher Street and Stonewall, in New York City, which is tragic and mostly undiscussed.

“The primary goal is to prevent crime before it happens using de-escalation training, the stuff they teach you in the Peace Corps. When the Village was experiencing a string of muggings between Stonewall Inn and the PATH train two years ago, NYI watched drunk singles make their way to the station. If any large groups started following a vulnerable-looking guy, Zero and a man named Shortcut say they would crouch low on their skateboards and pop up by the target at the last second. The would-be muggers turned around.”

While much of their tactics are to de-escalate they do use baiting tactics to fish out the perverts. “Another member, Tango, posed as bait during the Park Slope groper scare last summer. When she left Freddy’s Bar, pretending to be drunk, other members trailed her, taking down license plate numbers of the men who tried to get her into their cars.”

This sounds incredibly dangerous and props to them for risking their lives to protect others. As they mention in the article, some people just don’t want to deal with police but do need assistance. As long as they aren’t going out  looking for trouble, I’d give them the dumbs up.

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