The Last Straw: Amanda Bynes Can’t “F*CK With Gays”

Amanda Bynes tweeted yesterday, “If You’re Gay I Can’t Fuck With You,” then quickly deleted the tweet. That’s alright Amanda, if you’re a homophobe, I can’t fuck with you. Unfortunately there were no screen caps but Pink Is The New Blog broke this story, That’s such a low brow, ignorant perspective on reality when, of course, she has so many LGBT fans rooting for her. She has previously used the “F” word directed at Perez Hilton. Many, I believe, were hoping that was an isolated incident, a jab in the most hurtful way because she was pissed at this one man. Now we know for sure, Amanda is on the wrong side of history and the wrong side of her story. She needs a reality check.

This all comes with the recent news that she got her breast implants removed and is getting a second nose job. She is promising footage of her next surgery, which I am sure will be disturbing to say the least.

Maybe she should take her own advice:

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