Indulge in a Day of Ahh’s…Even on a Student Budget!

What’s that burst of excitement you get upon cracking open a new book? Or what do you call the happiness that accompanies hearing your favorite song come on the radio? While these fleeting feelings of anticipation are hard to name, Coca-Cola simply calls it the Ahh-Effect. It’s the same sense you get when popping the top off an ice-cold Coke on a hot summer day — the great taste of a classic beverage combined with the energy, uplift and ability to bring friends together all rolled into one effervescent word. Ahh!

There are a million different ways to define the Ahh Effect, each one as unique as the person experiencing it. Because of this, Coke is calling on teens everywhere to discover and contribute to all the dimensions of Ahh in fun and interactive ways by owning Ahh online. With your help, Coke aims to own every Ahh URL — from to and beyond– with each one taking you to a different Coke-inspired Ahh experience.

Since we here at CC are addicted to Coke and the joy it brings our souls, Coke asked us to design our own personal Ahh experience — and boy, did we ever. Today we want to show you exactly what we did to feel Ahh-mazing, and help you recreate our Ahh Effect on a college budget.

We started to brainstorm ways to make our ultimate day of Ahhs, and immediately hit a roadblock when our think sesh was cut short by incessant emails and phone calls. After the third attempt at trying to find a minute of quiet in our chaotic office, I finally blurted out, “I just need a little peace and relaxation!!” And so our idea for an exhale-style Ahh experience was inspired and we decided to indulge all of our five senses with lunch and a spa day!

We conquered Taste over a delicious lunch of baked eggs in avocados, truffle fries and crisp Coke, and checked out the Ahh homepage to see what the Ahh Effect meant to our teen alter egos. With our phones on silent, we could ignore our inboxes and blissfully zone out while playing an online Cherry Coke slot machine and pin the tail on the Coke can.

[Ahh! On a Budget: Find a great recipe online and invite friends over to help prepare the meal! Everyone can bring an ingredient, which helps further cut down on cost.]

After we got our fill of avocados (but really, there’s no such thing as eating too many avocados, right?), we headed up the street to receive massages, facials and aromatherapy pedicures. Hey, it’s a rough life chasing the Ahh Effect!

As luck would have it, when we arrived at the spa Coke surprised us with a bundle of Ahh’s to help us further de-stress. We were treated to nail polishes and lipsticks in their signature red color, as well as old-fashioned bottles of Coke Classic. The spa gave us some brownies to munch on as we waited for our massages (checking Touch off the list!) and it’s no exaggeration to say we were in Ahh heaven.

[Ahh! On a Budget: Host a spa-themed evening where guests bring their favorite nail polish color — then you all swap for the chance to try something new without splurging at the beauty store.]

The pedicures were definitely one of my favorite sensory indulgences of the day. We got to accomplish a sublime Scent experience with orange and white pepper foot scrubs and Sight with both the vivid red polish and more time kicking back with As for Sound? Yeah, I think that’s best summed up by the fizz of Coke and calming tunes the spa had playing. Listening to anything different than the ring of the office phone was ahh-mazing.

[Ahh! On a Budget: Feeling stressed out too? Whether you’re tied up in summer classes or a wild summer internship, it’s important to find “me” time occasionally. Unplugging from social media, email and texts is super simple and surprisingly effective. Pop open a Coke, head to the park or beach and indulge in an uninterrupted hour just to yourself.]

We ended the day feeling like entirely new people. Our Ahh Effect pulled us right out of our workweek funk. A huge thanks to Coke for making this day of Ahh’s possible!

This is a sponsored post courtesy Coca-Cola and

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