Real Talk: Jay Z Has Excellent Taste In Sweaters

I don’t know why I just noticed this but Jay has excellent taste in sweaters. I’m not sure if this is a recent occurrence but he has been sporting some awesome graphic t-shirts and sweatshirts recently. I am not a huge Jay Z fan by any means and I always found his style to be tame, understated and rather plain relative to other hip hop stars. That’s cool not everyone needs to be flashy. I think the face he puts forth to the world is rather serious because, well, he needs to be taken rather seriously else he wouldn’t be such a powerhouse media mogul or Beyonce’s dream man.

I’d like to take a moment to appreciate the swag of this man’s exquisite taste in asserting that he enjoys overpriced sweaters and fashion statements. I included links in case you want to steal Jay’s swag but I must worn these are what I like to call “investment pieces” or “I don’t need to eat this week pieces.”

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