Ying Yang Twins Write Song About Miley’s Butt

The Ying Yang Twins, known for their hit (disturbingly creepy) songs, ‘Saltshaker’ and ‘The Whisper Song’ have written another soon-to-be classic, ‘Miley Cyrus.’ The song is about Miley’s butt, this isn’t surprising since her best asset was heavily featured in her new video for ‘We Can’t Stop.’ Here are the poetic lyrics below. To hear the actual rump shaker head over to TMZ.

Do the Miley Cyrus rock wit it
Wiggle wiggle jiggle jiggle shake that s**t
All the n***as saying can she take that d**k?

Freaky b****es shakin ass on the pole
Do the Miley Cyrus b***h and get low

Miley Cyrus, ooh she wildin’
The way she shake her ass keep a n***a smiling’

With her camel toe she steal the show
Put her p***y in yo face like a freaky ho

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