The Ultimate @SummerBreak Pre-College Bucket List

The summer between high school graduation and college is probably one of the most bittersweet you’ll ever experience. While you’re head-over-heels excited to be heading off to a whole new school in a few months, saying goodbye to the close-knit group of friends you’ve grown up with is tough. This year, as you’re navigating your way through summer, bring @SummerBreak along for the ride.

The series focuses on a group of smart, young and carefree kids who just graduated high school in West LA. Followers will have unprecedented access into the lives of these teens as they experience the best summer of their lives. From romances to dramas, you can keep up with the kids by engaging with them through tweets, real-time video, on-camera confessionals party videos and more.

Because we know you want to make the most of your summer, too, we’ve collected a bucket list of challenges to check off — all inspired by @SummerBreak. Take a look below and make sure to keep up with @SummerBreak here!

1. Swim in a pool that isn’t yours, and explore uncharted waters (pool party at Connor’s anyone?)

2. Defy the limits of gravity, and have your crew catch it on their phone’s camera (go Kostas, go Kostas)

3. Have a romantic movie-moment on the beach with your summer crush

4. Attend a high energy electronic dance concert with your best friends

5. Indulge in Summer’s most delicious treats while on a picnic with friends

6. Ride the waves all day until the sun sets beyond the horizon

7. Go wild with your crew on a dune buggy out in the deserts of SoCal

8. Challenge a friend to an innocent game, but set the stakes high and see where it takes you (and maybe it’ll force you to call your summer crush…)

9. Break free from your comfort zone and participate in a festival of color/music/light

10. Take an endless amount of photos and share them, because every summer has a story. (Follow @SummerBreak on Instagram!)

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Do You Support Affirmative Action In Higher Education?
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