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5 Interesting Hump Day Articles: Ideal Boyfriends, Robin Thicke & Snowden


Fantasy or Fun? The Rise of ‘Ideal Boyfriends’ on Tumblr

“Ideal Boyfriend websites, as you might call them, are a form of romantic storytelling that has sprung up in the new decade. Consider them an offshoot of the female-dominated world of fan fiction, distilled into the meme of one dreamy but tender man — Ryan Gosling — and his made-up catchphrase, “Hey Girl.” The sites are a fun way for grown-ups to update and critique the squealing tween sexuality of ripping out a One Direction centerfold from Tiger Beat. And while the Ideal Boyfriend genre has ping-ponged around the web in various forms — Bangable Dudes in History, or the Elliott Gould–chic of Nerd Boyfriend — it has found its perfect goofy-yet-adoring form on the image-heavy, text-lite world of Tumblr, purchased by Yahoo last month for a billion dollars.”


Why U.S. is being humiliated by the hunt for Snowden

“Extra-judicial assassination, drones, killer robots, extraordinary rendition, black ops, wet ops, psy-ops, silly ops… The world is a bit tired of all this American posturing, grandstanding, and self-serving banditry.”


Scalia’s Blistering Dissent on DOMA

“Dissenting from this morning’s opinion on the Defense of Marriage Act, Justice Antonin Scalia — as expected — holds nothing back.In a ripping dissent, Scalia says that Justice Anthony Kennedy and his colleagues in the majority have resorted to calling opponents of gay marriage ‘enemies of the human race.'”


Do This Don’t: Wear A Crop Top While Fat

“It’s a well-known fact I’m fairly fearless… but baring my stomach in public on an regular ol’ Wednesday felt, well, almost deviant. The first time I tried a cropped shirt, the breeze across my belly was pretty damn uncomfortable and my hands insisted on trying to pull down the fabric for a while. But then I adjusted. And then I strutted. And now there is no going back.”


Veteran Music Video Director Diane Martel on Her Controversial Videos for Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus

“I really pushed to find ideas that were going to be fresh in front of a white wall. I work with a young art director named Georgia Walker, and we have a joke about the creative graveyard where the ideas that are too crazy go and wait for the right project. We included a few of those, like the hose and the bad babies. I asked her to find gross props and oversized props. My favorite shot in the video is the one where the model is riding the stuffed dog with her tongue out. Georgia found that nasty dog. That dog is incredible when Robin pets it looking like Dean Martin.”


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