Your “Pretty Little Liars” Cheat Sheet: Season 4, Episode 3

Never a dull moment with this one! Like that ex you don’t want run into, Pretty Little Liars brought back Melissa, Spencer’s possible killer sister. I love Melissa because she’s never one to mince words and she’s pretty much the embodiment of this. Now, let’s move on to others:

1. Ella gets her groove back: I completely forgot that Aria’s mom was playing Mrs. Robinson to a younger man. What’s crazier than her relationship is the whammy they threw at us in the first two minutes: Ella’s boo thang, Zack, asks her to accompany him to Austria for a year! Even though her daughter seems to be in danger or in trouble every 2.5 seconds, for some reason Ella decided that it was a good idea to go with him. I don’t know, I feel like her trip will either not happen or it will end unexpectedly. ‘A’ must be planning a way to sabotage this.

2. Aria proves that she’s cooler than you: I’m trying to love Aria again but sometimes she makes it a bit hard for me. She’s a little too “I’m-a-boho-wearing-espresso-drinking-poetry-reading-artsy-girl” sometimes. You’re cool, we get it. I’m glad the writers thought of Jake, someone so 180 degrees from Aria and that teacher dude she used to date (I’m choosing NOT to use his name in hopes that their romance is truly over). He pretty much told Aria that not everyone needed to agree with her/share her point of view about obscure whatevers. This could be an interesting pairing. 

3. Emily at RISK: Emily’s life is quickly becoming a PSA. First, it was against drug abuse but now we’re venturing into child abuse as well. What’s next? The dangers of being a runaway? Prostitution? I just didn’t see her shoulder injury taking this turn into a suspected child abuse case. When Emily’s mom grabbed her arm in front of the school, I knew that was a Lifetime movie moment in the making. If ‘A’ has his/her way, Emily may end up in a foster home and I doubt it’ll be with the Cleavers.

4. Creepers live in the woods: It should be a pretty “duh” thing to these girls not to venture into the woods all willy-nilly. But alas, we are working with TV characters here, so visiting potential psychos in the woods is pretty much child’s play. And you know you’re dealing with a certified crazy when you’re going to visit a grown man who makes masks for a living. Did anyone else get a Leatherface vibe when the mask maker asked for Emily’s face? I’m surprised he didn’t have a chainsaw nearby. Their visit did bring up the bigger mystery of why Alison needed one mask, let alone multiples, of her face. In addition to the Alison masks, Hanna found one that looked like Melissa. I wonder if I can get either of those for Halloween?

5. Caleb steps up: Caleb returns! And uncovers more than anyone else in his ten minutes on-screen. Basically, Caleb is Sherlock Holmes, if Sherlock Holmes was a skinny alternative boy with hair slightly too greasy long. In his sleuthing he determined that Ashley, Hanna’s mom, was in Rosewood the night of Wilden’s murder. Hanna’s dad also noticed his gun was missing after she stopped by. Suspicious much? I think so. 

In other news that didn’t make my list, Spoby discovered that his mom may have been murdered. If there’s one thing I’ve learned on this show it’s that one in Rosewood dies of natural causes. How will this connect?! That wraps up this week in Rosewood. Can’t wait for next week!

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