Will ‘Jane The Virgin’ Be The Worst Show In CW History?

Vulture has reported that The CW is working on, an American version of the Venezuela show Jauna The Virgin, called Jane the Virgin. Brace yourself for the synopsis: “The original show is about a 17-year-old girl, Juana, an aspiring photographer, who becomes pregnant when she’s accidentally artificially inseminated owing to hospital error.”

The part of the plot that Vulture doesn’t include from Wikipedia is THIS: “The father of the baby is found to be Mauricio de la Vega. When Mauricio finds out that he’s going to have a baby, he starts to fall in love with Juana despite the fact that he is still married to Carlota Vivas. Carlota tries everything possible to keep Mauricio and Juana separated. Mauricio and Juana escape to the mountains but Rogelio and Carlota start looking for them and finally find Mauricio and Juana with a new-born child.” Not creepy at all. Nope.

ACCIDENTALLY. ARTIFICIALLY. INSEMINATED. I think the term for this is medically sexually assaulted? Robotically raped? Excuse me. She keeps the baby you guys. What a wacky story. Oh and then she gets statutorily raped by a married man too. That’s true love. True love happens against your will and strips you from your  bodily agency and autonomy as a woman, yay. The fact that it’s on The CW means that it will surely be lacking in quality, full of stereotypes, shaky story lines and irresponsible moralizing.

Which CW executive read this plot synopsis and thought, ‘What a good idea, we need an American version of this, the children must know!’?

Perhaps HBO could tackled a show about teenage virginity but The CW will certainly create an offensive product, I mean the storyline is just—wow! Even if it isn’t offensive, it will be funny for all the wrong reasons. I can only hope this airs so that Theo, our bro, will recap it.

But is this even the worst CW show? There is stiff competition. I mean remember when this happened on One Tree Hill.


Or when this happened on Gossip Girl.


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