7 Things You Didn’t Know About Kelly Rowland

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly. Kelly Rowland has been everywhere lately and I am loving it. I’ve already expressed my new-found love for Kelly Rowland and my love for her has only grown since my last post. Have you seen her lately? It’s like she gets better looking with every appearance. And finally showing some resentment for B in Dirty Laundry only made me love her more.

While she may be beautiful, beauty is only skin deep. What do we really know about Ms. Rowland? Nothing really, at least nothing that doesn’t involve Beyoncé. I hear its frowned upon to go around saying you love someone who you know nothing about, so here are 7 things you didn’t know about Kelly Rowland.

1. She has a boyfriend and she’s in love! But much like her bestie she’s annoyingly tight-lipped and hasn’t told anyone who he is.

2. She’s 32! Sorry, maybe you guys knew that, but it was shocking to me. She looks so young.

3. Kelly is short for Kalendria.

4. When Kelly was a child she moved in with Beyoncé’s family and Matthew and Tina Knowles had guardianship over her.

5. She was part of some band called Girl’s Tyme (yes it was really spelled with a y) before her Destiny’s Child days.

6. She has a food obsession. She bakes every other day. (Really Kelly, let’s just be friends already).

7. Her breasts are fake. But we already knew that. ( I know you saw the Talk a Good Game album cover.)

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