Same Sex Couples That Need to Get Married, Like Now

So now that DOMA and Prop 8 are no more in California, and it’s Pride weekend, I can’t stop thinking about how many of my favorite LGBT celebs need to just get hitched already and start making some babies and then have absolutely adorable families. That way I can respond to my homophobic great uncle’s statuses on Facebook and say, “Oh yeah, these people are¬†really¬†ruining the sanctity of marriage, how dare they!” Y’know, passive-aggressive stuff like that!

Anyway, after I did a little research, I was surprised to see just how many of our favorite LGBT Hollywood stars that are either engaged or been in long term relationships! Now, marriage might not be their thing, which is fine, but if it is! I need them to all pull an Ellen and Portia because I’m forever alone and would love to live vicariously through them.

Check out the gallery below!

[Lead Image via NY Daily News]

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Discussing “Inferno” by Dan Brown [CC Book Club]
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