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5 Rules For A Drama-Free Summer Fling


Ah, summer is upon us. Which means longer days, fewer clothes, more chances to hang with your friends and the imminent possibility of a summer fling with someone sexy. @SummerBreak has hit the Internet airwaves with an inside look into the lives of 9 LA Teens celebrating their lives out loud, as well as their last summer before heading to college.

While everyone from @SummerBreak knows the appeal of a summer fling lies in the fact that it is nonchalant, commitment free and totally insignificant in the grand scheme of things, there are still some ground rules that apply. Because being casual doesn’t mean completely disregarding the fact that a relationship of sorts is being formed.

1. Be Honest

Don’t string along someone and make it seem like you’re interested in something more serious than you actually are. Not everyone has that “fling” mentality, and it would behoove you to make your intentions known upfront and clearly. Especially if you’re like Clara who’s heading to the East Coast in the fall for culinary school, you don’t want to lock yourself into a long distance relationship simply because communication wasn’t clear up front. Should you talk and find you’re on the same page, fabulous. If not, then you can go your separate ways with little to no harm done. Conversely, if you find yourself falling hard for your fling, you need to either tell them or break it off. Nothing positive will come from not acknowledging your feelings.

2. Manage Expectations

This tip is crucial for people who are generally serial monogamists and don’t really do no-strings-attached things. As a fling, you are not going to be the number one priority in your partner’s life. They will probably prioritize their friends, or their job, or if you’re like Nia, their social media, over you from time to time. As long as they’re not total jerks about it, you can’t really call them out on their flaky behavior.

3. Have an Expiration Date

The whole point of a fling is that it is short-lived (as opposed to nebulous friends-with-benefits situations). If you are dedicating to the fling concept, you both need to decide when it’s time to end it, especially if it wouldn’t happen naturally (ie, one or both of you leaving town). Connor, for example, has his eyes on the future. *His* future, which probably won’t include a girl he only casually hooked up with.

4. Don’t Abandon Your Standards

Don’t settle for just anyone. This is someone you could be spending time with for 3-4 months, so it’s perfectly fine to want to hang out with someone who you can occasionally have a moderately interesting conversation with. After all, you could choose to hook up with a guy like Zaq, who’s more than just a pretty face. Don’t forget that your hookup is someone with their own awesome personality — discovering what makes them tick might prove to be a fun adventure in and of itself.

5. Get Adventurous

Ballsy Alex says it best herself — “I want to do what I want when I want.” Embrace her spirit and take advantage of opportunities to push your boundaries, try out things you’ve never had the opportunity to do, and just generally have a blast getting to know someone new. Really embrace the whole experience.

To watch the summer fling drama unfold and pick up more tips, check out the @SummerBreak Tumblr for fresh episodes and extra goodies.