How to Answer Every Kind of Interview Question

It’s that time of year! Every post-grad is now back at home and scrambling to find any kind of job to get them out of their parents’ house. I know how this goes, guys. It’s rough out there. So many rejection e-mails and online applications and pants suits (yuck!). Finding a proper job that you’re even interested in is hard enough but then adding the whole interview process on top of it? Eesh! Scary much?

Thankfully, there are so many of us in the same boat that companies and websites have taken it upon themselves to map out pretty much every single interview question ever. Below is an amazing infographic of the most asked job interview questions–but here’s the best part, this is infographic also shows you how to answer them! This is so ridiculously useful, and I hope you guys really enjoy!

[Lead Image via Cluster Magazine]

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