Robert Pattison is Dating a Kristen Stewart Clone

Do you guys remember that episode of Friends when Rachel and Ross aren’t dating anymore (or at least can’t get their s**t together long enough to actually begin a relationship) and she starts dating that guy, Russ? And everyone is like, “Yo Rachel, you’re dating Ross. He’s a clone of Ross!” She doesn’t even realize it until she sees the two of them chatting it up, and they’re identical.

I’ve done this before too! We’re so wrapped up in our ex that we seek out another partner post-ex that reminds us of them. Y’know, Adele wrote a whole song about it. So did John Mayer. Well, it’s been reported that Robert Pattinson is not far from this either!

His new little gal pal that he’s been seen with bears a striking resemblance to a certain someone he used to date by the name of Kristen Stewart. Apparently, they’re relationship could not survive her cheating, and they have split–leaving Pattinson to date clones of her, a young woman named Riley Keough.

Head on over to Your Tango to see what she looks like!

[Lead Image via Hollywood-Movies]

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