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Cosmic Candy: July 8th – 14th


We are pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite astrologists (and talented yoga pro), Chani Nicholas, to bring you weekly horoscope readings. Check back each Monday to see what’s in the stars for your week!

Aries and Aries Rising- If it’s not about love, than it’s just not worth your time.  However I want to be clear that I am talking about a Love that is not for the faint of heart, it isn’t for the vain, the arrogant or the boastful.  This love doesn’t play favorites, nor does it tiptoe around in the chambers of our hearts; this love breaks what it needs to in order to get through to us.  This is the fierce side of love, the kind of love that refuses to submit to inequality, refuses to back down and refuses to keep quiet. You may want to flee in response to this, you may want to scream, you may want to be as free as the wind — but consider the consequences before you take flight.  This week is potent ground for rooting into yourself, moving locations may be on your mind but what the planets are interested in is how you can move deeper into your center.

Taurus and Taurus Rising- There is less and less of a desire to hold back or control the situation.  People need to take care of themselves and you may be faced with some challenging questions.  Can you speak your truth and hold the family together?  Is that even your job?  Could you let the pieces of the puzzle temporarily (at least) find their own way into fitting together?  Life is about to get increasingly busy with many little movements and to get too fixated on taking care of everyone else would be counterproductive. You are quite literally creating your world with your words so focus on how you feel when you are talking, if your belly starts to knot up you know that you are off track.  There are ways in which we learn how to communicate in order to get our needs met in our family of origin-some of which are really counterproductive to you know. Maintain the position of an interested observer and watch your tendency to want to engage in conversations that are less than straight forward and more than a little passive aggressive.

Gemini and Gemini Rising- You tell people what you are worth through your words, your body language, your actions, your inactions and your requests.  The silly thing that humans have such a hard time realizing is that, even though we think people will love us more if we act like doormats, they actually trust and respect us more when we don’t.  We have difficulty understanding that real love requires work and healthy boundaries and can only flourish under these conditions.  If you even attempt at giving everything away right now the kind of internal backlash that you will suffer will be tremendous.  Not only that, but you are poised to sabotage your channels of income if you are out of integrity.  Try being clear, honest and in alignment with your values.  Ask yourself: Is what I do true to what I believe in?  Course correct when the answer is no.

Cancer and Cancer- You are in a moment of BIG, it’s too much to digest all at once so please don’t try.  You are learning things about yourself right now that have been hidden from view for a very long time-perhaps forever.  This is a piece of you that has been exiled, a part of you that you may feel is unlovable or nonredeemable and its front and center, much like a ghost that momentarily makes itself visible.   This has a way of affecting your romantic relationships and I’d like you to take a look at how you reject others as a way of getting out of having to do any real work around intimacy.  The main events this week all focus on you, there’s a new moon in your sign, mercury retrograde (also in your sign) moves into it’s deepest point of the retrograde cycle and Mars moves into your sign-leaving you feeling a little more exposed or focused on than you normally prefer.  The important thing to note is that if you are afraid it’s OK-but remember not to try to deal with the fear completely on your own.  Reach out and challenge that part of yourself that feels that no one understands it- more than likely there are folks that do, but you have to let them in to find out.  This new moon is potent one, especially for those of you born between July 8th and 10th; this is a magical new moon-but I’m not necessarily talking about unicorns and rainbows.  This is alchemical magic that turns lead into gold, fear into courage and doubt into trust.  You’re welcome and happy birthday.

Leo and Leo Rising- WRITE YOUR DREAMS DOWN THIS WEEK. Notice and be curious about what images you wake up with, what thoughts, what scenes, what haunts or clings to you upon awakening?  These may be things that seem to make no real sense or be important to your rational mind, but trust me-this is a week of deep healing for your psyche.  I’m not saying that it will be easy dream time, but it will be insightful.  Pay close attention for themes around your mother and your family or what family is and your feelings about it.  Again, you don’t have to understand these themes or even make sense of them but the very process of writing them down will be powerful and I think you’ll come to understand them later.  Besides the dream journal homework I’d just like you to pay attention to your inner life, to the part of your life that is behind the scenes.  You may feel a little less potent than usual, but it’s not the time to be at your biggest or your brightest so don’t worry.  The other way this might unfold is that you are more willing than normal to let shit go, and in that letting go you find more space and more freedom to dream up the next phase of your life.

Virgo and Virgo Rising- We aren’t always aware of the moment of conception, but in retrospect we can look back and think” If I hadn’t have gone there and did that workshop I would never have met so-and-so and then would never have done such-and-such.  This looks to be one of these weeks that you could potentially look back on as pivotal in terms of team building and ending up with the right folks at the right time.  So, if you have been waiting to gain the courage to go and speak to the person in charge than this is the week to do it.  There’s also something about speaking out in groups of people this week.  It’s as if by the end of the week you refuse to sit by while inequities occur yet it may be really difficult for you to be straightforward in your delivery.  Try not to pass it off on other people.  If something needs to be addressed in your group of friends, or in a group of people that you belong to- speak the words that need to be spoken.  It’s not about taking care of everyone (though that’s what you deeply desire to do-or we could say part of how you are wired) it’s about taking care of the principal-because if that is lost nothing can be gained and ultimately it’s a balance between the two.

Libra and Libra Rising- OK! Here we are, a moment of truth, a moment of opportunity and a moment of clarity.  Not only are you about to get even busier but you are also about to become the captain of your own ship in some major way.  This is not a time to be under the thumb of any oppressive force, this is no time to be taking it lying down; this is a time to fight for your right to BE, yes, capitol B, capitol E!  Be you, be free, be blossoming and be willing to help your dreams move out into the world.  This is not done blindly however as it’s so very important that you are able to stand behind what you are doing.  Everything that you are working for needs to be done with integrity meaning, that your actions line up with your deepest values.  With out that whatever you build isn’t built to last.  Be mindful of lust, greed and ruthlessness, stepping on others on your way up is never worth it on a soul level.  Money is transitory, your reputation is forever.  The new moon on Monday is in your house of career is the perfect time to conceive of a new project or career goal, but again, have it come from your heart.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising- You can say no.  You can say no.  Can you say no.  You say no.  If you are saying yes to something you really mean “no” to then I have just officially given you permission to change your mind. Which reminds me- you can change your mind.  You change your mind.  Your mind change.  You don’t have to bow to an overbearing father figure, you don’t have to be dominated, and you don’t have to beat yourself up anymore.  You can choose love.  You choose love.  You love.  You can let love be a guiding principal in your life-you don’t have to follow the rules that you were handed-no one ever got anywhere by doing that and you know that deep in your bones, you know you weren’t put here to be a follower but you also can’t be a rebel without a cause (if you plan on living past next week).  So what’s left?  Giving the proverbial finger to “the man”? Perhaps, but it can’t be something that ultimately hurts you.  So how can you stand up for yourself, love yourself and find your way to living your truth more than you ever have?  The secret lies in first speaking the truth.  Over and over and over.  The truth is never over.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising- Taking the initiative to speak about what you want in your relationships is vital right now.  It’s not only in your business partnerships-though that’s very important make sure you take care of yourself and get what you need-but also in your romantic relationships, especially if you haven’t been able to be honest in recent months about what it is you really need in bed.  This takes courage though, because it means that you need to be vulnerable in the telling and risk being rejected, laughed at or betrayed.  However let it be know that these are the fears I see in your chart, not the realities.  The deeper question is what is it that you need to say, ask for or negotiate?  Take your time coming to this, be thoughtful, deliberate and painstaking in your investigations so that when it is time to say it you can stand behind it 100%.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising- So I want to say two things: schedule a little one on one time with the folks you are in intimate relationships with and try not to start any fights just for the hell of it.  It looks like there is some deeper investigation that you and your partner(s) need to do into issues that have to do with how you both feel.  Do they feel heard, seen and valued, do you? Mars is about to cross over into your relationship house  (a very sensitive and potent area of the chart) and Black Moon Lilith and Jupiter are hanging out just inside this threshold of it. The combination is saying that the potential to become defensive is looming close by.  Because all of them are in the sign of Cancer, it becomes less clear about who did what and what did who.  It’s really easy to make the other person the bad guy in this kind of set up-and that’s exactly what it can feel like for your significant other(s); a set up.  The one on one time that I mentioned earlier may be better spend with a mediator-like a therapist, or you may need to know when to walk away and leave it alone.  Just consider this- no one is innocent but all you have to concentrate on is your end of the deal.  Keep your snide comments to yourself (even though the are dry and deadpan hilarious) and this week could be the start of something really good.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising- Well, if you weren’t already overwhelmed… prepare for a tidal wave of tiny little time consuming projects to wash up on your shore by the end of the week.  I suggest that you just go with it-completely. Submit to the projects at hand, give your all to them all and ride the waves that come your way. On a deeper level this week reveals the reasons why you do what you do-or at the very least gets you to contemplate what it is you are serving when you do what you do.  If you feel that you are in the right line of service than it looks like you’ll be able to give your projects a little extra love.  You could even conceive of some future projects to keep you busy for years to come (yay!).  However if you are not in integrity with what you are doing on a daily basis than there’s a good chance that resentments will mount and will find some very interesting ways of manifesting over the coming weeks.

Pisces and Pisces Rising- Creation is a trip. We don’t have to be ready, willing or fit to be parents to become them.  If two bodies get together that are able-babies are birthed regardless of the fact that the co-creators aren’t prepared.  But Mother Nature cares not, She just knows how to make more and help all her children do the same.  This week you get to see how this energy plays out in your life and you get to further watch how you are creating your life.  Every action, every idea you share, every movement is a seed you are planting.  I know that I have belabored this point lately but I can’t stress enough it’s importance this week in your chart.  You are teeming with creative energy but it looks like there is a force within you that doesn’t trust it, a part of you that has been burned, that has been rejected, that has been cast out.  It’s OK to have these feelings, but it’s not OK to let them sabotage your success.  I suggest that part of your creative process this week be to shed the tears that have accumulated because of this false identity.  There is also a very powerful mythology around you that is asking you to create through your words-to name things so that they come into being-but name them from your heart not your head.  It’s as if it’s time for you to receive a new name as well. I wonder, and want you to too…what would it be?

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