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Toni Collette Used To Think Being Called A Feminist Was Sexist


Last week we talked about how Susan Sarandon refused to call herself a feminist and I wondered if we feminists should suck it up and change the name. At this point it almost feels like we spend more time and energy explaining what feminism actually is as opposed to what people think it is.

Actress Toni Collette admitted that she thought the term feminist was a bit sexist, saying, “This is kind of a response, but bear with me. I’ve recently realized that I really am a feminist. For years people would say to me, ‘You are! You are! You really are!’ And I’d say, ‘No, I’m not. I’m a humanist. I think it’s sexist to say I’m a feminist.’ Now, I see a great imbalance not only in my industry, but also in the world at large. I want to change it. I agree with you. It needs to be varied and real.”

Totally glad she changed her mind and learned from her experiences, I mean, that’s all you can ask of anyone, right?

In Other News

Rapper Mos Def got forced fed like Guantanamo Bay hunger-strikers, to experience what the procedure actually is like. Hint: It’s very disturbing

So Jay Z’s album is only getting mediocre reviews. Praise Yeezus.

Hackers are replacing male protagonists in video games with female ones! Sounds cool.

“One gamer turned the namesake character from The Legend of Zelda, a princess saved by a guy named Link, into a sword-bearing warrior. (The game’s creator called it “Zelda Starring Zelda.”) Another made Princess Peach, a different kidnapped friend of Mario, throw her own fireballs as she fights her way through a Mushroom Kingdom to save the plumber. Even the lipstick-lined Ms. Pac-Man started as a hack of the popular arcade game about her male counterpart.”

Yay, for hackers noticing the disparity and making the changes on their own terms.

A gay gamer organization called Game Out is urging viewers to boycott the Ender’s Game video because author of the book, Orson Scott Card has been explicitly anti-gay for years.

“By pledging to Skip Ender’s Game, we can send a clear and serious message to Card and those that do business with his brand of anti-gay activism — whatever he’s selling, we’re not buying,” the organization adds. “

What do you think? Have you ever boycotted something to stand up for a certain belief?

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