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College Students Say No To Casual Sex


Casual sex in college is just a rumor. A study found that only 11% of college students, out of the 3,907 surveyed, are having casual sex. What’s up, guys? Why aren’t you slutting it up on the quad? The survey found that dudes were more likely to report having casual sex than women. Interestingly enough they also found that students who expressed anxiety or depression were often the ones who reported having casual sex.

The report stated, “College students who had recently engaged in casual sex reported higher levels of general anxiety, social anxiety, and depression compared to college students who had not had recent casual sex.”

Dr. Melina M. Bersamin of California State University explained, “It may be that people who are depressed or anxious are more likely to seek out casual sex relationships, and not that casual sex causes depression or anxiety.”

I have to wonder, is sex good for your emotional health and well-being or is it a quick fix, like drugs or alcohol, that only temporarily ease anxiety or depression? So what do you think? Are you shocked that so few students were hooking up. When I was in college I didn’t feel pressure to hookup or like my peers were constantly getting it on.

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