Justin Bieber Pees In Mop Bucket, Is Drunk Youth

Justin Bieber drunkenly peeing in a mop bucket as his entourage watches is the highlight of my morning. Stars really are just like us, or at least like me. I have been known to pee in a few places I shouldn’t have. The weirdest part of the video is when Justin Bieber takes a spray cleaner and squirts it on a picture of Bill Clinton, then says, “Fuck Bill Clinton!” I am sure this will get blown out of proportion but most kids his age, and yes I realize he isn’t even 21, but most kids start drinking once they get into college which is around 17/18/19, get drunk and act stupid. Check out the full video over at TMZ.

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Your “Pretty Little Liars” Cheat Sheet: Season 4, Episode 5
Your “Pretty Little Liars” Cheat Sheet: Season 4, Episode 5
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