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35 Things To Remember When Everything Sucks


Maybe it’s the fact that it’s been raining for three weeks in Charlotte, or maybe it’s being back in the office after a beautiful holiday weekend, but this week has felt blah and gray and never-ending. When I find myself feeling this way, when I find myself in a rut, it helps to make a list of things that make me happy. Things that remind me, despite how gray it is outside, and maybe inside, things really aren’t so bad.

1. The feeling of a cool breeze on a really hot day

2. Running a category on Jeopardy, getting Final Jeopardy right or even just getting one answer on Jeopardy right — whatever your skill level, the joy never goes away

3. The feeling of freshly shaved legs on freshly cleaned sheets

4. The look on someone’s face when they’re excited to see you

5. A really intense, passionate, fireworks, first kiss

6. A really intense, passionate, fireworks kiss with someone you’ve been with for 5 months, 1 year, 10 years

7. The feeling of downloading or buying a new record, turning off all the lights and laying in your room listening to the album from start to finish

8. Having a really good, really engrossing, really happy phone conversation with an old friend, new friend, family member and realizing you’ve been on the phone for hours when it feels like minutes

 9. Taking a nap with a puppy (or kitten!)

10. Waking up from a nap, with a cup of green tea or coffee, and everything bad before the nap has disappeared and you feel happiness and also a little caffeine buzz

11. Finishing a really beautiful piece of art or music or poetry or craft

12. Discovering a new band or artist, and devouring every piece of music or art they’ve created, and loving every bit of it

13. The floaty feeling you have after a massage (if you’ve never had a massage, go get one. Seriously. Treat yo self)

14. The moment of pause you have after finishing a book or series you’ve absolutely loved– a mix of complete happiness and also pure depression that the end has come

15. A delicious home cooked meal, filled with butter and bread and oil and everything nice

16. The feeling of watching someone you love doing something they love, and feeling pride

17. The sense of accomplishment you feel after cleaning a room in your house that hasn’t been cleaned in a very long time

18. Getting your bill at a restaurant or cashing out after a guilt-ridden shopping trip only to realize it is way, way cheaper than you expected

19. The feeling you get after a long run, a great yoga class, a super exhausting work out — you did it!

20. How good it feels to learn something new

21. Having a big crush on someone

22. Jumping into a pile of leaves, apple picking, making snow men, sledding — all childish, seasonal, things that you don’t do enough of as an adult

23. Christmas.

24. Letters (actual letters) from close friends in far away places

25. Waking up and realizing you actually have two more hours to sleep (or better yet, that it’s really Saturday)

26. Spending an entire day in bed — an entire day — reading, watching TV, writing, stretching, cuddling

27. A compliment from a stranger just when you need it the most

28. Good hair/body/boob/outfit days

29. When Pandora/shuffle/Spotify knows exactly what song to play at exactly the right time

30. Laughing SO out loud by yourself, in a group of people, and feeling only a little embarrassed that nobody knows why (listening to a hilarious podcast, reading a funny text)

31. Taking off work clothes the second you walk in the door, only to slide in to your most comfy of comfies and finally relax

32.  The first day you know you’re getting better after a long, drawn out sickness

33. Feeling appreciated.

34. The first sip of water after being absolutely parched

35. Pizza. Really, really good pizza.

[Lead image via Andreka/Shutterstock]

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