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Lindsay Lohan Has Completed Rehab, Celebrate With 20 GIFs


Lindsay Lohan’s rehab stint  has been completed. Lindsay had been sentenced to complete a 90-day treatment to avoid jail time after being charged with reckless driving. That’s great, 90 days sounds like she is actually sober. The 27-year-old starlet is making progress but her facility at Cliffside Malibu has urged her to continue inpatient treatment and extend her time another 30 days.

However, Lindsay Lohan wants to go back home with her mother Dina Lohan, which is just bad news bears. Dina isn’t known for her parenting skills or sobriety. Lindsay, reportedly, wants to begin attending premieres for The Canyons but that isn’t exactly conducive to her sobriety either.

“She has been told that living under the same roof as Dina could jeopardize her sobriety. It’s best if Lindsay were to live with a sober living companion, or in a sober living facility upon release from rehab. . “However, Lindsay has no desire to move into a sober living facility,” a source told RadarOnline.

It’s unfortunate that Lindsay is at a crossroads where she has to choose between long-term and short-term sobriety. Let us take a moment and remember Lindsay Lohan before rehab, drugs and controversy crippled her career. Let’s remind Lindsay of the epic films she is capable of. Freaky Friday? That was good shit.

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