Men’s Rights Group’s ‘Don’t Be That Girl’ Posters Blame Rape Victims

‘Don’t Be That Girl’ posters at the University of Alberta are shaming rape victims with slogans like, “Just because you regret a one night stand doesn’t mean it wasn’t consensual.” The posters come as a response to the highly successful Edmonton campaign, ‘Don’t Be That Guy‘ which features posters discouraging men from sexually assaulting women.

1 more example that #RapeCulture is flourishing in #YEG.Women report rape bc its a crime,not a revenge plot #rapemyth

— Dr. Cristina Stasia (@ActionFlickDoc) July 9, 2013

An anti-feminist group called Men’s Rights Edmonton is responsible for the posters. They sound more anti-women than anti-feminist, if you ask me. The group released, a what can only be described as a disgusting statement, that suggests Emmett Till, an African American teenage boy, who was brutally killed after being accused of flirting with a white woman, was only empathized with after the fact because he was African American and not because he was a man. WTF? Yeah, that’s true because his murder was the result of the inherent racism that existed in 1955 in Mississippi.

“The original ‘Don’t Be That Guy’ campaign, which our posters are meant to parody, is rotten, despicable and unforgivable. There is no excuse for it, and the people who created it owe a big apology to non-feminist men and women everywhere. No, I don’t mince words, and I hope the public will appreciate my straight talk. If anything like the feminist treatment were dished out to an identifiable racial, ethnic or religious group other than men and boys, the perpetrators would be run out of town on a rail.”

So blaming rape victims is OK but posters that say things like, “It’s not sex when she’s passed out,” are wrong? This group seems to think false accusations of rape is a huge issue when according to, false rape allegations occur as often as the false accusations of any other crime, which is around 4%. The fact remains is that most rapists are men. There are female rapists, of course and they should be punished the same way. Just as male rape survivors should be treated the same as female ones.

There is nothing wrong with instructing and educating men on what consent is. I’m sorry but ‘Men’s Rights‘ groups are so unfounded and ignorant that my brain can hardly fathom why they exist. Look around, who is in power? Oh, is it men? Oh, I think it is. End of story. No one is attacking men, so much as asking that they be so kind as to share some of the agency, power and wealth they’ve been hoarding for thousands of years.

I can’t imagine being a rape survivor and seeing a poster like this. It is so disturbing, foreboding and just plain insulting. Just more proof that there are too many people out there who either don’t believe rape is real or blame the victims for an atrocious act done to them. If you see a ‘Don’t Be That Girl’ poster, please take it down.

The Original Don’t Be That Guy Poster

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