“Sharknado is Brilliant,” Says Everyone Except This One Lame Actor

A tornado hit LA sending sharks flying from the ocean into the city streets and Tara Reid has to battle them with a chainsaw and save everyone. No, this isn’t the best piece of celebrity gossip you’ve ever heard, it’s Sharknado, a very real movie that premiered last night on SyFy. The seemingly low-budget made for TV flick received rave reviews from audiences on Twitter:

@wilw The science is impeccable. I'm a meteorologist, I would know. #sharknadoesarereal

— Justin Gehrts (@justingehrts) July 12, 2013

@DamonLindelof We'll pay you handsomely for that Damon. And by handsomely I mean shockingly little…

— Ted A’Zary (@Syfy) July 12, 2013

Please tune to CNN afterwards as experts debate, "N Word Vs. Sharknado: Which Is Worse?"

— Dave Itzkoff (@ditzkoff) July 12, 2013

Meanwhile, I’m sitting here trying to figure out how the hell I missed such an epic television event. Real talk: if I have a shark-themed belated viewing party, would you all come over to my apartment? I promise to throw sharks at you unexpectedly and there will be gummy sea creatures to chomp on. Basically an all around amazing evening.

You can imagine my surprise to see a headline that one Hollywood celeb was NOT feelin’ Sharknado at all and flat out refused to watch the film that will surely define our generation. Can you imagine anyone who’s lame enough to pass up a Sharknado? Watch him bad mouth the movie here!

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