Tufts University Asks ‘What Does YOLO Mean To You?’ On College Application

Tufts University asks its prospective students, ‘What does #YOLO mean to you?‘ in the short answer section of the college application. Here is the question, screencapped from Tufts.

Thank you for the broad analysis of YOLO, Tufts University. Us, youths never made the connection between YOLO and seizing the day. Tufts has been known to have some unorthodox application processes, like requiring students to submit Youtube videos. Here is my answer to answer the question: What does #YOLO mean to me?

Yolo is an ice cold glass of lemonade on a  summer day.

Yolo is peeing on the subway.

Yolo is listening to Drake, while baking a cake on Sunday.

Yolo is oh no, I’ve to got to go, I’m late.

Yolo is a Tweet, not a thought.

It’s the new leather skirt you bought.

It’s smile lines on an old dame.

A hair day that can’t be tamed.

Yolo is a vodka cranberry. 

A cosmopolitan.

A suburb, a ferry, a Metropolitan. 

Yolo is me, it’s you, it’s us.

Yolo is a taxi, a train, a bus. 

Yolo is America. 

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