What NOT To Do After The Break Up [Dude’s List]

Break ups can be devastating. There’s no nice way to do it and there’s no warm fuzzy feeling attached to it. Once the deed’s done, then the status is no longer quo and everything’s changed. So what next? A lot of people make many common errors to handling the break up. Some of them can be blamed on an altered state of mind and others on temporary insanity, while some might be just not thinking things through. Here’s what you should NOT do after the break up if you want the best chance of moving on…

(In honor of this post, our gallery is dedicated to some of the worst break ups in TV history!)

There’s the list. Pretty complete, I think. What about you? What are your do’s and don’ts after a break up? It can be hard to stick to them but they’re worthy goals to keep trying for. Don’t give up and don’t give in and keep moving forward.

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