Liquid Sky: The Best ’80s Movie You’ve Never Seen

Liquid Sky is 1983 independent film that was made on the tiny budget of $500,000 yet managed to gross $1.7 million in its first few months of screening making it the most successful indie movie that year. Unfortunately, I don’t know many who have seen this masterpiece or who have even heard of it. I only managed to discover it when a clip from Liquid Sky was recommended to me on Youtube. The movie was directed and produced by Russian filmmaker Slava Tsukerman.

The film is about the avant garde New Weave scene at a Manhattan club.

 Actress Anne Carlisle portrays the bisexual, female model Margaret and male model Jimmy.

Both Margaret and Jimmy are heroin addicts. A tiny alien flying saucer lands on the roof of Margaret’s penthouse. 

The aliens come to Earth looking for heroin. 

However, the aliens find that they prefer extracting the endorphins released during orgasm as a more pleasurable drug. Every time Margaret has sex with someone, which is many times, they get zapped away when they climax.

Margaret realizes the reason she hasn’t got zapped away is because she has never had an orgasm during sex. The movie ends bizarrely. Watch it in full below.


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