Scott Disick Catches Kim Kardashian Lounging Around in Spanx #Awkward

Kim Kardashian wears Spanx, that’s hardly breaking news if you’ve ever seen tabloid pictures of her. But on last night’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, dear Scott Disick got quite the surprise when he walked into Kim’s bedroom to find her lounging around in some giant, flesh-toned “bike shorts” (as Kim insisted they were).

Any girl knows that’s basically a nightmare situation, even if the guy walking in on you is just your sister’s husband. Spanx are no one’s best look. I feel like Kim gets a pass though since, you know, she’s pregnant and all? (Remember, on the show she still hasn’t had bb NW yet.) Scott, being the sensitive guy we all know and love, didn’t seem to get the message and kept Spanx-shaming her by saying maybe she’ll lose the weight once after she gives birth. An unfortunate Kim just kinda hung her head in defeat.

It was all very sad until I remembered how much money they pull in by televising these embarrassing moments. Then I was like, “Scott, tell her she looks fat again. That was funny,” and didn’t feel bad anymore.

On the bright side, because Kim and Spanx are BFF, they’ll always be there for her post-pregnancy. Even if Scott isn’t.

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