Lady Gaga’s Weight Gain is Today’s Entertainment

TMZ wants to know — what happened to Lady Gaga? In a particularly mean spirited video (“starring Lady Gaga‘s suddenly giant ass“), the TMZ staff waves around a photo of the singer performing at a recent show in Amsterdam. “That’s the chick who may have eaten Lady Gaga,” the voice over announces, and everyone digs in to throw insults.

Men and woman alike step up to take their best shot at her — from blaming her weight gain on a severe case of the munchies, declaring it’s actually Tom Arnold on stage and likening her to the Michelin Man. No one mentions the fact that for months she was stuck in a wheel chair after surgery on a tear in her hip, no one pointed out that she was still pulling out dance moves like her pre-surgery self, no one even addressed the significant number of comments on the TMZ site suggesting that the shot is Photoshopped. It’s easier and more fun to simply make fun of what’s likely just a bad shot of a talented performer.

Check out TMZ’s disturbing video commentary of Lady Gaga here and tell us — do you think they crossed a line with this one?


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