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Sniffing Out Vince Camuto’s Fragrance [In Our Makeup Bag]


What It Is:

Vince Camuto Fragrance*

Why This Should Be in Your Bag:

Vince Camuto is known for his high-fashion handbags and shoes, so branching into another type of accessory, fragrance, was only natural for the brand. His first fragrance simply carries his name and is housed in an ornate bottle with a gold-toned topper. The notes include rum absolute and osmanthus nectar, Bulgarian rose and jasmine, and a base of vanilla, absolute, sensual patchouli, hot Brazilian amber and leathery musk. Together, they make for a sexy, sophisticated fragrance I couldn’t wait to try out!

How To Use It:

Spritz away! Don’t forget to focus on pulse points like wrists, back of the knees and the neck to keep the fragrance circulating throughout the day or night.

CC Rating: A+

Vince Camuto’s eponymous fragrance is a total hit with me! It smells classic and chic and I’ve been wearing it both day and night. It starts out rather florally, but settles and becomes quite sexy and musky over the course of a few hours. This is exactly the progression I expected based on the description of notes and I’m happy it stayed true! I can also still smell it on myself after a day at my office, which is impressive! Besides the merits of what’s in the bottle, let’s talk about that gorgeous vessel. The gold tone and ornate topper look beautiful on my vanity. I could probably do without the ribbon and medallion, but those could be easily removed.

A 3.4oz bottle sets you back $78, which is a very good price! Check it out at Vince’s website.

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*Item was provided for review

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