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Your Pretty Little Liars Cheat Sheet: Season 4, Episode 6


1. Staying home from school isn’t always a good thing: When I was in high school, I liked to fake sick in order to stay home for the day. Hanna took it to the next level by getting arrested at a sorority house and subsequently, got put on house arrest by her parents. Her father returned since his gun seems to be the smoking gun (haha I made a pun-y, hahahaha!) at the center of Wilden’s murder case. I love that Hanna told her father she was protecting her mother by burying the gun in the yard…right, that completely helps your mother’s case and doesn’t make her look suspicious at all. And her ploy didn’t work since her mom ended up getting arrested anyway. It doesn’t help that ‘A’ is threatening to hurt Hanna’s parents either. As a word of advice, all of these girls should get emancipated and stop loving their parents. It’s the only way.

2. Aria is the exciting single one: Being the only single member of the PLL gang, of course Aria’s love life has got to be a hot mess. This week Aria played English teacher,#studentbecomestheteacher, and decided to tutor a member of the lacrosse team. Faulkner was the last thing on his mind as he tried to put the moves on Aria before she shut him down. Because people can’t let anything go on this show, the lax bro spread rumors about Aria’s virtue, which is kind of murky anyway, and next thing you know she was being slut shamed by her little bro. As unnecessary as this plot line was, I actually felt bad for the girl. She was just trying to pass on the gift of literacy. I do not agree with he-who-shall-not-be-named’s speech on flying above the drama. He did that so well, said no one who watches this show.

3. Old house mothers are creepy: Spoby continued to get their sleuth on as they traveled to Ravenswood to talk to Ms. Grunwald, the old house mother at the sorority. Instead of getting anything useful out of her, they meet an old woman with steely blue eyes who stared straight ahead their whole conversation. She seriously creeped me out when she told them she wasn’t who they thought she was. I have a feeling this won’t be the last we see of her. But the trip wasn’t a complete waste since they spotted Shana in Ravenswood, a sighting that brings up a million questions.

4. Filters=mystery: As soon as Toby and Spencer got to Ravenswood, the picture changed to this gray-ish blue filter over everything. I get that they’re trying to differentiate the two towns and show that Ravenswood is shrouded in mystery but it was little heavy-handed. Plus, I thought my TV was broken when it happened. Warn somebody. The angel statue in the grave and the dead raven added enough “intrigue” or whatever they were going for.

5. Emily’s destined for handcuffs: She was barely in this episode but it seems every time Emily breathes, something bad happens to her. To end the episode with a “WTF?” Emily gets framed for murder. Somehow a video in someone in her face mask with a “guilty” sign was sent to the police. The police also claimed that she dropped the video off herself. Yup, someone’s going to frame herself then holler innocent. That’s the best legal strategy I’ve ever heard. I wonder about the police on this show. But it also goes to show, that you should never give your face to a mask maker. Only bad will come of it.

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