6 Undeniable Truths I’ve Learned From TLC’s Wedding Shows

My favorite thing to do on a Friday night is watch Four Weddings, Say Yes to the Dress and drink all of the wine. There are many, many truths to be learned from these shows — but let’s start with the most basic few. Here are 5 undeniable truths I’ve learned from spending my Friday nights with wine and TLC.

1. When buying a dress you’re only wearing once, there’s no budget too big. There is however a budget too small, and that’s anything under $4,000. Apparently if you walk in to buy a dress and you have a modest budget of $2,000, it’s almost impossible to find a dress. If you’re busty or over a size 10 — forget about it!

2. You literally can’t please everyone with the food. Buffets are the worst. But so are sit down dinners. And so is ordering pizza (but this really is the worst). And having too much food is a crime, but having too little food is also a crime. And maybe it’s all too spicy or maybe it’s all too bland. The point is — you can’t please everyone. Especially the vegetarians or people who hate spicy food. So don’t try!

3. Weddings are not about the ceremony. Confusing right? Any time a ceremony is over 10 minutes long everyone gets REAL mad. So, just keep it short. Quick, quick vows (but make sure everyone can hear!) and then a big party! That’s what it’s all about, right?

4. Bringing anyone to a wedding dress fitting is usually a mistake. I’ve seen some supportive friends and moms and dads, sure. But I’ve seen more critical people than anything. If they don’t like the dress, no matter how happy the bride, it doesn’t get purchased. Not to mention, any time someone says a dress makes you look “big” it knocks you down a few pegs. I’m just saying, be cautious.

5. A decision can’t be made until you cry, on any big choice. If when you step into a dress you don’t cry, it’s not for you. Period.

6. And finally, if your wedding doesn’t make you this incredibly happy, you’ve done something wrong.

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