The 7 Best Musical Episodes Of TV Shows

TV musical episodes have become a common trope and, typically, are the must-see episodes of the anyone’s favorite show. People love musical episodes so much that Ryan Murphy struck gold when he created Glee. However, the good idea didn’t exactly translate into success for Smash but hey, whenever I watch a regular comedy or drama, I am always excited to see my favorite characters awkwardly singing songs. TV musical episodes hardly ever make sense within the context of a story but they are always fun strays from the usual.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Once More With Feeling

The Buffy The Vampire Slayer episode, ‘Once More With Feeling,’ is regarded as one of the best episodes by every single Buffy fan ever, it seems.

The Simpsons – Happy Birthday, Lisa

The Simpsons have never shied away from musicals but the episode where Michael Jackson guest stars as a mental patient, then writes a song with Bart as birthday present for Lisa is heartwarming and classic.

Even Stevens – We Went To The Moon

I was a huge Even Stevens fan and although I loved the Twiggy Stevens Experience (was that the name of their band?) watching Ren try not to fail a history test by singing the lyrics, “We went to the moon in 1969/Not 1970 but a year sooner,” then still failing was excellent for my middle school self.

Grey’s Anatomy – How To Save A Life

The Grey’s Anatomy musical episode was incredibly bizarre especially when the cast sung a cover of ‘How To Save A Life’ while trying to save Calliope Torres and her baby.

How I Met Your Mother – Robin Sparkles, Let’s Go To The Mall

Robin Sparkles! Robin reveals that she used to be a Canadian pop singer and the result was a breathtaking homage to 1980s mall culture.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia – The Nightman Cometh 

Charlie has a master plan: if he writes and performs an entire musical with his friends, the waitress he is in love with and stalks, will finally marry him despite being disgusted by him. Surely, this will work out and not be a hot mess, right?

Glee – Don’t Stop Believin’ 

There are too many great performances on Glee but most fans come back to ‘Don’t Stop Believin’.’ The song has become a staple of the show and a top charting hit.

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