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13 Lies “The Bachelorette” Told Us About Love


You guys know that here at CollegeCandy, we have a love/hate relationship with The Bachelorette. It’s horrible reality television, but it’s just so dang addictive. How can you pull yourself away when you’ve already watched eight freakin’ seasons of girls crying and guys professing their love and everyone getting drunk on champagne and Chris Harrison asking the “tough” questions before the most dramatic rose ceremony ever? One does not simply walk away from The Bachelorette!

Through all the ups and downs, there are definitely some lessons on love to be learned. Don’t date a guy who already has a girlfriend, group dates are never a good idea, love is always more intense when you live in a mansion and have access to fancy cars, endless booze and a hot tub.

Some of the lessons we’ve picked up, however, aren’t all that. YourTango has the worst lies the The Bachelorette has told us about love. Yes, you guys, Chris Harrison hasn’t been 100% honest with us. I die.

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