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University of Virginia Leaks Students’ Social Security Info, Oopsies


University of Virginia accidentally leaked thousands of students’ social security numbers in an email. Out of the university’s 21,000 students, 18,700 of them had their names listed on the outside of an envelope mailed to them with their social security numbers printed below. In case you’re wondering why this is a big deal, well, a name and a social security number are the key components to stealing someone’s identity.

The students’ names were listed because they are enrolled in on-campus healthcare by Aetna Student Health. The envelopes were carrying a brochure.

A UVM senior, Hilde Franklin, articulated our sentiments accurately, saying, “Dude, you only have one job.”

Daily Progess notes that this isn’t the first time University of Virginia students have had sensitive, personal information compromised.

*In December, a smartphone disappeared from the UVA medical center containing years worth of students’ names, social security numbers, addresses and medical history.

*In 2012, 350 transcripts, some containing social security numbers, were posted on a UVA website.

* In 2007, hackers accessed the records of 5,735 current and former faculty members over a two-year period.

*In 2006, a spreadsheet containing 632 students’ social security numbers was accidentally sent to 1,264 students.

All I  have to say is: get it together UVA!

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