7 College TV Shows You Totally Forgot About

Where are the TV shows about college? Making this list wasn’t difficult because there are so few television series that focus on the college experience. College is such a unique time in our lives. And for those who do not attend college, it’s still quite similar to those who do. It’s the era of your life where you take on more responsibilities and independence, yet your teenage years are in such recent memories you wonder if you’re even growing at all. It’s a time of quick development, waves of angst and realizing the choices you will make or have made can profoundly affect where you may end up later in life.

The quarter life crisis is real and special, so why aren’t there more TV shows depicting this key moment in young people’s lives? There are plenty of movies but most of them are male-oriented portrayals of drunken debauchery and “hot coeds,” like American Pie, Animal House or Van Wilder.

I long for a TV series, that isn’t abruptly cancelled (like I Just Want My Pants Back) about college and early-twenties thangs, besides Girls, which tries way too hard to be quirky and hip most of the time. Worst of all, college TV shows tend to generally not be all that great. The absence of college based television probably has a lot to do with the fact that they aren’t quality enough to find a stable audience. Is it really that hard to capture youthful angst and adolescent maturity? Felicity did it. Felicity did us right.

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