Cosmic Candy: July 22nd – 28th

We are pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite astrologists (and talented yoga pro), Chani Nicholas, to bring you weekly horoscope readings. Check back each Monday to see what’s in the stars for your week!

Aries and Aries Rising- The next two full moons (July 22nd and August 20th) are both helping you work out issues between you and your community.  Friendships take on a whole new level of importance for these next two moon cycles and you may be extra sensitive to how you are coming across to others or how others are receiving you.  I wouldn’t be surprised if your social calendar is overflowing with engagements but I want you to pay extra attention to how those interactions are making you feel, what issues they are bringing up and what roles you are actually playing out.  There are many identities we take on, many ways in which we make ourselves available to others and many ways in which we don’t.  No judgment here, just be conscious of what you are doing when you are doing it.  The end of the week brings some powerful reflections about the roles that you held in your family and I’m curious if there are connections between what you are experiencing with friends and what you fulfilled for your parents.  Again, no judgment, just awareness.

Taurus and Taurus Rising- There’s a lot arising around who you are, how you come across and how your community receives you.  Try not to take any of it too personally (though it may feel tremendously personal) whether it is positive or not.  If others are all of a sudden turning you into the messiah or you end up feeling like a martyr-it matters not in the end, because neither are true.  Just be in the experience without trying to make it be any one thing.  Try being content with not knowing.  What’s more important for you to work on right now is just showing up and taking a swing at this dance we call life.  Speak from your heart, let yourself care deeply and don’t be afraid to show us your intuitive intelligence.  You don’t have to play by the rules; in fact it’s much better if you don’t.  You have two consecutive full moons in an area of your chart that has to do with your public life.  Make no mistake about it, people will notice what you are doing and it’s a really great time to make use of that attention without being attached to the results.

Gemini and Gemini Rising- Mercury, your ruling planet, has just gone direct in your second house of finances meaning that there are many money issues that will start to resolve themselves in the coming weeks.  On a deeper level there is something working itself out about your self-esteem and the stories that you have told yourself about your past.  It doesn’t serve you to stay unconscious about how you see your parents, your childhood or your family.  There are ways in which we get overly attached to seeing that part of our lives in good/bad and right/wrong binaries and stark contrasts but nothing is really ever that simplistic.  The problem with memories from childhood is that we hadn’t developed the capacity for complexity when we experienced the events so everything is retained in very puritanical ways.  We think that if something tragic happened to us it’s because we weren’t worth any other outcome-we can’t see that it’s so much more to do the circumstance than it did with us.   I encourage you to reclaim some of that old road you’ve lost and ponder if it makes you feel better to hold onto these myths or if it would feel better to let the story mature a little.  With the full moon peaking in your 9th house of meaning making on Monday there’s a need for you to seek only truth. What is the truth of this current moment?  The answer to which could be entirely different reality from how you feel.

Cancer and Cancer Rising- Now is the time.  Now is the time to forgive yourself for all the wretched, horrible, destructive, harmful deeds that you think you did because you were reacting to something that happened in your own past.  The past is the past.  Say it with me: THE PAST IS THE PAST!  The past is the past and no matter how many times you replay it, you can’t change it.  Make amends where you need to and then gather your energies and make a conscious decision to move forward with less regret and with more acceptance for every part of you.  We’d be so boring if we were perfect and its a relief to know that we will mess things up at least 1, 000, 000 more times given the chance.  You can’t do what you came here to do unless you let yourself off the hook.  Messy is more appealing anyway-no one wants to hang out with Uptight.  Speaking of hanging out with others, this week is jamming with relationship melodies that are a little more intense than melodic.  Don’t be fooled by the sweet nothings being whispered into your ear or the red cape being waved in front of you. No one is as good or as powerful as they appear.  Stay away from blame and shame in all of your interactions and try not to bolt when the going gets tough, take breaks if you need to but there’s no need to throw everything away-unless there is, know what I mean?

Leo and Leo Rising- There you are!!  We’ve missed you and by the looks of it you’re making quite a grand re-entrance into the world.  Are those broken hearts you just casually walked all over? Jk, jk.  But for real, the next 30 days holds quite a few lessons for you about a relationship or three, and the week also looks poised to teach you about heart and heartfelt experiences.  Sometimes when we are opened it feels as though we’ve been broken, torn or fractured in some way, but nothing could be further from the truth. There are many ways that you are learning about the kind of depth you have as a spiritual person and the kind of fortitude and resolve it takes to truly heal.  Keep your awareness inward as you start a new journey outward because the rewards of the inner work will far out way the allure of fleeting pleasures that only tend to leave you wanting more.  Don’t be so eager to give it away and don’t be so committed to controlling every ounce of what you give.  Find the flow and the beauty in the brokenness.

Virgo and Virgo Rising- The beginning of the week starts out with a full moon that could either make you extra frantic or extra efficient in your daily life. I suggest the later.  Steadying yourself in daily routines is quite a good idea because the end of the week could bring about more than one example of how you specifically like to project your expectations onto others.  There could be a multitude of what we’ll refer to as “wake-up calls” about how your idealization affects your relationships.  Let’s put it this way-it looks like you have quite a few opportunities to work through your bullsh*t fantasies about how everyone else is better than you, or how perfect your romantic interests are.  Newsflash: we are all flawed, messy, goofballs who are struggling to make it through the day.  You get to be imperfect and so does everyone else because otherwise it’s just too much pressure on everyone.  If there are tense conversations that you need to have with friends and loved ones please remember this and ask yourself what’s the most important thing you could get out of it.  In simpler terms: own your end of the deal.  Your ruling planet, Mercury just went direct which means that you can start to gain some traction with group projects and community organizing events or ironing out some misunderstandings with friends.

Libra and Libra Rising- The next month lights up your fifth house of creativity, play, children and love twice with two full moons in Aquarius.  Please play as much as possible-it will be a nice break from all the work that never ceases to call your name.  There’s still a tremendous amount of production that you need to tend to, but you simply can’t deny your actual offspring or your inner child some time to frolic in the sun.  If you need to, keep telling yourself that you will be even more productive if you actually do take a break.  It’s also a really potent time to reinvigorate your current relationships or to start new ones-but keep an eye on what you want to accomplish-too many love affairs can get distracting and pull us away from the things that are really important to our growth.  Find ways to decompress that don’t derail you.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising- Even though there is so much awakening in you, so many new adventures to have, so many new teachers to learn from, your focus for the next month needs to at be primarily at home.  Whatever changes are happening in your physical home or family structure will become a prominent focus for you.  This may have to do with a situation pertaining to one or both of your parents or it may just be about how to connect with others-specifically how or when do you feel like you are with your “tribe”.  Any Scorpio that isolates too much is bound to get weird fast, so I’m not saying become a shut-in, but I am saying that something about your relationship to your home environment is being asked to be worked out, appreciated or developed so that you can have the experience of feeling deeply connected to something.  When you know where your bread is being buttered it’s much easier to take up more space out in the world, which is exactly what is about to happen.  The end of the week is a little less than comfortable for us all, but for you in particular.  I suggest staying very far away from any and all arguments-even small ones, as they will have the tendency to blow up fast.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising- You’re most likely feeling the need to unload a thing or two in a pending conversation and if so I suggest waiting until after Monday (when the moon is full) to do it.  The reason I say this is because you will have not one, but two consecutive full moons in your house of communication-meaning that you will have ample opportunity to work something out in this area of your life so there’s no need to rush it.  What is so prominent in your chart right now is that you are still in the midst of learning just how important your needs are, and more than that you are learning about how to recognize, tend to and fulfill those needs for yourself especially if you are in a relationship or two.  There’s no point in taking care of everyone else but yourself if you are trying to actually learn about intimacy and what it could mean to share life with other folks.  The other way this may manifest is that these moons could bring about a host of new ideas, new writing projects and possibly a new contract to sign-if so double triple check it as we are still in Mercury retrograde shadow terrain.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising- There’s a lot of good mojo surrounding your relationships right now, this could have to do with the fact that your partner is having a type of watershed moment in their life and you are receiving the benefits of it or you are having an unprecedented moment of feeling more at ease, at home and possibly connected to others in such a way that could even feel alarming at times.  It’s really important (especially for loners like you) to make sure that you get a variety of relationships to experience yourself through because that’s what relationships do; they help us experience ourselves.  You have been in a unique position this past weekend where you have been the gateway for others to open up through, and in many ways this has been true for you for quite some time- and will continue to be so. Your presence matters, your words and your thoughts are touching a great many people right now and that may not be something that you are used to experiencing, because let’s face it- you like to live life on your own terms.  This contact with the outside world could in some way be shaking your foundation -this will only increase as the summer progresses so you may as well get used to dealing with it.  There are two full moons, one Monday, July 22 and one August 20th and both will be in your second house of finances and self esteem.  I mention this because it’s an opportunity x2 to get to work with that material, and perhaps, just perhaps, it’s related to all the work that you are doing with and through the other folks in your life.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising- The next two full moons are both in Aquarius, which means that you get a double dose of being in the spot light, something that isn’t altogether terribly comfortable for you.  This Monday is the first one to grace you, and grace you it does if you’ve been getting your work done and keeping yourself in check-sounds so harsh doesn’t it? But this astrology hasn’t been very lenient with you and there’s no place for you to hide now, so you may as well embrace what’s on your plate. All the things you’ve been learning about in terms of adjusting and being of service to others is about to serve you.  If you’ve been able to develop this part of your personality lately than this could be a tremendously rewarding time. If what you are doing is benefiting others than receiving some recognition for it is somehow more palatable.  This exposure could serve you in less obvious ways as well-being exposed can create a certain feeling of vulnerability and you’ve hopefully been having many more emotional responses lately, perhaps opening you to a much more tender side to yourself than you generally pay attention to.  Just remember, it’s not weak to be halted by your feelings, it can actually broaden your intelligence and lead to more graceful interactions with others.

Pisces and Pisces Rising- You’ve most likely gotten down to some pretty intense emotional terrain over the past week or so oscillating from one extreme to the next.  For some of you this will have manifested as experiencing the parts of yourself that feel more like an outcast than a mystical momma. If you have found yourself inhabiting more difficult terrain, than I hope you’ve been able to hold the experience in some kind of compassionate perspective. The fact of the matter is that if we are at all awake than we know that so much of this world is a cheap and offensive replica of what it could be.  In this system it can be easy for our wild or uninhibited selves to get caught up in our shame, and our shame inhibits our creativity because it severs us from trusting in ourselves.  The good news is that there is a really simple way back to ourselves: take the time to listen deeply to what you need.  Self-care equals self-realization for you right now. There could be more ways than one that relationship material shows up for you though opposition.  Try not to be too evasive and instead see if there are some particles of truth in it for you.  Remember that every relationship we have is in our lives for a spiritual reason.  Everyone within our orb is teaching us something that we need to learn and it’s our job to find out what that could be.

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